Tournament Calendar


NYWA Districts are held at 20 different locations the first two weekends following the Minnesota State High School Wrestling tournament.  Wrestlers must attend one of the districts in order to qualify for regions.  Wrestlers can attend any district they choose to BUT if they qualify at that district, they MUST attend the regional tournament that that district is under. For example, a wrestler who attends and qualifies at the Austin District MUST wrestle at the Region One tournament (Rochester region).  If a wrestler does not follow the proper advancement, they will be disqualified.  Wrestlers who place 1st or 2nd at districts will advance to the regional tournament.  At regions, a wrestler must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the weight class to advance to State (with the exception of the wildcard region which advances the top 4 to state). Then those wrestlers who place 4th, 5th or 6th place at regions can advance to the Invite tournament if they wish.

District Events, listed by Region:

Region 1 (Rochester):

  1. Austin: Friday, March 15
    Contact: Jeremy Wilson
    Phone: (507) 438-1145
    View tournament flyer

  2. Plainview: Friday, March 8
    Contact: Norb Marx 
    Phone: (507) 876-2621 
    View tournament flyer  

  3. Stewartville: Saturday, March 16
    Contact: Joe Haggerty 
    Phone: (507) 339-6600
    View tournament flyer  

  4. Hayfield: Friday, March 8 
    Contact: Kevin Bronson
    Phone: (507) 460-9991
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Region 2 (Windom):

  1. Adrian: Friday, March 15
    Contact: Doug Bullerman 
    Phone: (507) 370-1590  
    PreK-8th • Folkstyle • Weigh-ins: 4:30-5:30, Wrestling TBD • Four-person round-robin • Doug Bullerman 507-370-1590 or 507-483-2245

  2. Albert Lea: Friday, March 15
    Contact: Paul Durbahn 
    Phone: (507) 379-5445
    View tournament flyer

  3. Minneota: Friday, March 8
    Contact: Jeff Buysse
    Phone: (507) 829-8910 
    Minnesota Elementary Youth Wrestling Website
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  4. Springfield: Saturday, March 16
    Contact: Todd Bertram 
    Phone: (507) 227-3035  
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  5. St. Peter: Saturday, March 9 
    Contact: Brad Guth
    Phone: (507) 351-5630
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Region 3 (Lakeville):

  1. Delano: Friday, March 8
    Contact: Chris Gross
    Phone: (612) 501-6222
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  2. Becker:  Friday, March 15
    Contact: Matt Kuschel 
    Phone: (763) 333-4378
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  3. Glencoe-Silver Lake/Lester Prairie: Saturday, March 16
    Contact: Greg Hartwig 
    Phone: (320) 485-2872  
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  4. Tartan: Saturday, March 16
    Contact: Joe Recchio
    Phone: (651) 702-8083 
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Region 4 (New London/Spicer):

  1. Foley: Friday, March 8
    Contact: Jay Emmerich
    Phone: (320) 249-6297
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  2. Pierz: Sunday, March 17
    Contact: Mitch Becker
    Phone: (320) 630-2523
    Pierz High School; PreK-8th grade; Weigh-ins 9-10 am, wrestling starts at 10:30; extended weigh-ins for 7-8th grade until 11 am (NYWA weights and tenths will not be covered); a wrestler does not have to declare their weight until regions so weight can change from districts to regions but not from regions to state!

  3. Benson: Thursday, March 7 for 7-8 grade only; Friday, March 8 for K-6
    Contact: Steve Ricard 
    Phone: (320) 444-0569 
    View tournament flyer  

    Contact: Nick Bents 
    Phone: (320) 894-7817
    View tournament flyer

Region 5 (Bemidji):

  1. Greenbush: Saturday, March 9
    Contact: Ron Mooney 
    Phone: (218) 782-2278 
    View tournament flyer

  2. Pine River: Saturday, March 16 
    Contact: Tristan Rubner 
    Phone: (218) 831-7998
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  3. Pelican Rapids: Saturday, March 9 ***DUE TO IMPENDING WEATHER FOR SAT. 3/9, THIS TOURNAMENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO SAT. 3/16
    Contact: JJ Fankhanel
    Phone: (701) 306-9502 
    View tournament flyer

  4. Deer River: Saturday, March 9
    Contact: Kevin Gullickson
    Phone: (218) 246-2760
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    Wildcard Rotation

    2019 - Lakeville
    2020 - New London/Spicer
    2021 - Bemidji
    2022 - Rochester
    2023 - Windom

Individual Regions Tournament - 2019 (times are subject to change)

Wrestlers must have wrestled at an NYWA district tournament prior to attending a regional event.  Region tournaments are NOT open tournaments; they are part of a qualifying process.  There are NO exceptions to this.  Wrestlers must wrestle at a region tournament before advancing to State.  The top three wrestlers in each weight class will advance to state with the exception of the wild card region see wild card rotation below).  Weight classes for Kindergarten has changed, effective September 2017.  View weight classes.

Region One (Rochester) - Friday, March 22nd & Saturday, March 23rd

Location: Byron High School, 1887 2nd Ave. NW, Byron  55920 
Contact: Dean Nelson
Phone: (507) 635-5519
Friday: 5th -8th grade only; weigh-ins 4-5 pm, wrestling begins at approximately 5:30-6 pm. 
Saturday: K-4th grade; weigh-ins 7:30-8:30 am, wrestling begins at approximately 9-9:30 am.
Admission: $6.00 for adults, $3.00 for students.  Admission is paid daily.  Two-day passes for adults are $10.00; for kids $5.00.
Coaches Passes: $5.00, limit 1 coach per wrestler at mat side.

Region Two (Windom) - Saturday, March 23rd

Location:  Windom Area High School, 1400 17th St., Windom  56101
Contact: Dave Fischenich
Phone: (507) 830-0364
Saturday: K-4th grade; weigh-ins 7-8:20 am, wrestling begins at 9:20 am.  Weigh-ins for 5-8th grade, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, wrestling will begin 30 minutes after completion of morning session.  Snow date - Sunday, March 24th with same timelines.
For other general information, check out these websites: or

Region Three (Lakeville) - Saturday, March 23rd

Location: Lakeville North High School, 19600 Ipava Ave., Lakeville  55044
Contact: Denise McCarney 
Phone: (952) 469-4302 
Saturday: K-8th grade; weigh-ins 7-8:30 am; wrestling begins at 9:30 am.

Region Four (New London/Spicer) - Friday, March 22nd & Saturday, March 23rd

Location: New London-Spicer High School, 101 4th Ave. SW, New London  56273
Contact: Jay Vagle 
Phone: (320) 212-2854
Friday: 7-8th grade ONLY; weigh-ins 4-4:30 pm, wrestling begins at 5:00 pm.
Saturday: K-6th grade; weigh-ins 7:30-8:30 am for all K-6th graders; wrestling begins at 9:30 am for all wrestlers.  

Region Five (Bemidji) - Friday, March 22nd & Saturday, March 23rd
**Changes for this year - all 5-6th graders will now wrestle on Friday night!

Location: Bemidji High School, 2900 Division St. W., Bemidji  56601
Contact: Tim Hinrichs 
Phone: 218-556-3722
Friday: 5-8th grade; weigh-ins 4-5 pm, wrestling begins at 5:30 pm.
Saturday: K-4th grade; weigh-ins 7:30-9:30 am, wrestling begins at 10:30 am.  
Admission: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students.  Admission is paid daily.
Coaches Passes: $5.00, limit 1 coach per wrestler at mat side.

Wildcard Rotation

2019 - Lakeville
2020 - New London/Spicer
2021 - Bemidji
2022 - Rochester
2023 - Windom
​2024 - Lakeville

Team Region Tournaments (K-6 and new in 2019, 7-8 team regions).

Click here to view team rules (updated 9/19/17).  For questions regarding team eligibility, please email team coordinator Dean Teeselink at

All registrations must be done online and payment must be made at time of entry.  Registration for K-6 and 7-8 teams will begin mid-January.  Pre-registration is required.

Rosters can change from region to state and can change up until weigh-ins at state.  Skin checks will be completed by MN High School wrestling officials.  Please have a skin condition form completed by a physician prior to the tournament if there is a questionable skin condition.  

** All wrestlers participating as part of a team MUST have an NYWA membership.  Each roster will be checked prior to the team event. Click to go to the NYWA membership form.  

**DEADLINE: There is a deadline of TWO WEEKS prior to the event to enter the team region tournament. This will help the tournament directors to determine # of mats needed, officials, etc.

TEAM REGION REGISTRATION IS OPEN*CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR TEAM REGIONS (K-6 & 7-8).  Only coaches should be registering a team for the region tournament.  Entry fee must be paid and the roster can be completed at a later date. 

VIEW TEAM BOUNDARIES MAP (updated 01/29/13)


Date Sunday, March 24
Eyota High School, Eyota, MN
Curt Olson
(507) 951-0407
Tournament Schedule

Date: Saturday, March 16
Prairie Pavilion, Tracy, MN
Kent Cooreman
(507) 829-8964 
Weigh-ins: 8:30-10 am; wrestling begins at 11 am

Date: Sunday, March 24
Waconia High School
Jeff Katherman
(612) 968-5488

Date: Saturday, March 16
Pierz-Healy High School, Pierz, MN
Mitch Becker
(320) 630-2523
Weigh-ins start at 7:30 am; wrestling begins at 9:30 am

Date: Sunday, March 24 
Fosston High School, Fosston, MN 
Doug Schoenborn
(218) 935-0930 


Date: Sunday, March 17
Grand Meadow High School, Grand Meadow, MN
Randy Smith
(507) 273-5470
Weigh-ins from 8-9 am; wrestling starts at 10 am.  Admissions - adults $6, students $4

Date: Sunday, March 17
Blue Earth High School, Blue Earth, MN
John Schavey
(507) 525-2503 

Date: Sunday, March 17
Maple Lake High School, Maple Lake, MN
Paul Gindele
(612) 532-9548
View tournament flyer

Date: Sunday, March 24
ACGC High School, Grove City, MN
JJ Straumann
(320) 894-3145
Weigh-ins from 8-8:30 am; wrestling starts at 9 am.  Admissions - adults $6, students $3

Date: Friday, March 15 
Location: Pequot Lakes High School, Pequot Lakes, MN
Gary Carlson
(218) 507-0125 

View team weight classes.

NYWA State & Invite Tournament: April 4-7, 2019
Mayo Civic Center, 30 Civic Center Dr. SE, Rochester, MN

Invite Tournament - Itinerary

The Invite tournament is run in conjunction with the State Tournament.  Both events are at the Mayo Civic Center. Any wrestler who places 4th-6th at regions can register for the Invite tournament. Any wrestler who places 4th-6th at Regions can register for the invite tournament now.  Any wrestler who is coming to state as part of a team or participated at regions but did not place can register after the initial deadline.

If you have specific questions regarding the Invite tournament, please call (800) 540-4140.

State Tournament - Itinerary

NYWA State and Invite tournaments are jointly held at the Mayo Civic Center. Any wrestlers who place 1st-3rd at regions will advance to state with the exception of the 4th placer from the wildcard region which also advances to state Team competition begins on Thursday for 7th & 8th grade teams.  There will be two separate weigh-ins for 7th & 8th graders, those wrestling on team and those who aren't on team.  There will be a separate weigh-in time for 5th & 6th graders. Individual competition for 7th & 8th graders will begin on Thursday and competition for 5th & 6th graders will begin Friday morning.

Weigh-In Information for State and Invite

All wrestlers, team and individual, will receive a one-pound allowance at state and invite ONLY!  There is no weight allowance at region events.

All K-4th graders will weigh in on Friday evening.  Wrestlers, grades 5th & 6th, do NOT have to weigh in again on Friday evening unless they are wrestling a different weight for the K-6 team competition.  There will be an additional weigh-in on Saturday for those wrestlers who are only wrestling on the team.

All wrestlers must advance from districts to regions to state.  NYWA regions and state are NOT open tournaments. Wrestlers are not allowed to wrestle in regions if they did not participate at a district and cannot wrestle at state if they did not wrestle at regions.  Wrestlers cannot change weight classes from regions to state.

If you have additional questions, please contact NYWA at (800) 540-4140 or email NYWA at

NYWA Future Calendar

These dates are subject to change and are tentative dates only.

2020 NYWA Schedule - NCAA's are in MN so we will have an extra week before regions due to this awesome event in our home state!

MN State High School Wrestling: Feb. 27-29
NYWA Districts: March 6-8 and March 13-15
NCAA'S: March 19-21

NYWA Regions: March 27-28 (team dates will vary)
NYWA State: April 2-5
Easter Sunday: April 12

2021 NYWA Schedule (subject to change if MSHSL dates change)

MN State High School Wrestling: Feb. 25-27
NYWA Districts: March 5-7 and March 12-14 
NYWA Regions: March 19-20 (team dates will vary)
NYWA State: March 25-28
Easter Sunday: April 4

2022 NYWA Schedule (subject to change if MSHSL dates change)

MN State High School Wrestling: Feb. 24-26
NYWA Districts: March 4-6 and March 11-13 
NYWA Regions: March 18-19 (team dates will vary)
NYWA State: March 31 - April 3
Easter Sunday: April 17