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2016 Tournament Schedule

MN State High School Wrestling: Feb. 25-27

NYWA Districts: March 4-6 and March 11-13

NYWA Regions: March 18-19 (team dates will vary)

NYWA State: March 31 - April 3

Easter Sunday: March 27

2016 Memberships ~ 

To log into your parent or coach account for membership information or tournament registration, click here.

Download the 2015-16 membership form to mail in with payment.  Coaches/clubs - please do NOT mail in forms for your club without payment.  Only those memberships that are received with payment will be entered.  We will not accept emailed membership forms. 

2015 Results

Congratulations to the K-6 Team receiving the Paul Wolf Sportsmanship Award ~ Northfield

Final Results of K-6 Team ~ Congratulations to the following:

Coach of the Year for K-6 Team: Northfield ~ Tyler Faust
Outstanding K-6 Team Wrestler: Parker Jansen from STMA

K-6 Team Brackets: Championship Team ~ Northfield
Pools 1-4 (finals)
Pools 5-8 (finals)
Bracket A
Bracket B
Bracket C
Bracket D

State Brackets (final)
K Brackets Congratulations to the K Individual Outstanding Wrestler ~ Tyson Knutson (STMA)
1-2 Brackets Congratulations to the 1-2 Outstanding Wrestler ~ Conlan Carlson (Willmar)
3-4 Brackets Congratulations to the 3-4 Outstanding Wrestler ~ Rogen Smidt (Pipestone)

5-6 Brackets Congratulations to the 5-6 Individual Outstanding Wrestler ~ Tristyn Ferguson (RLCC)
7-8 Brackets Congratulations to the 7-8 Individual Outstanding Wrestler ~ Dylan Fudge (Perham)

Invite Brackets (final)
K Brackets
1-2 Brackets
3-4 Brackets
5-6 Brackets
7-8 Brackets

Congratulations to the 7-8 Team receiving the Paul Wolf Sportsmanship Award ~ Bemidji

Final Results of 7-8 Team ~ Congratulations to the following:

Coaches of the Year for 7-8 Team: Windom ~ Rick Borsgard, Dean Willaby & Josh Sammons
Outstanding 7-8 Team Wrestler: Robby Horsman from Kasson-Mantorville

7-8 Team Brackets: Championship Team ~ Kasson-Mantorville
Pools 1-4 (final)
Pools 5-8 (final)
Bracket A
Bracket B
Bracket C
Bracket D

View Region Results.

2014 Results

State Results Kindergarten ~ Final   

Congratulations to the Kindergarten Outstanding Wrestler ~
Eli Schultz from STMA!

State Results 1-2 ~ Final  

Congratulations  to the 1-2 Outstanding Wrestler ~
Landon Robideau from Bold!

State Results 3-4 ~ Final  

Congratulations to the 3-4 Outstanding Wrestler ~
Landen Johnson from Waseca!

State Results 5-6 ~ Final   

Congratulations to the 5/6 Outstanding Wrestler ~
Patrick Kennedy from Kasson-Mantorville!

State Results of 7/8 Brackets ~ Final   

Congratulations to the 7/8 Outstanding Wrestler ~
Jake Mandt from Chatfield!

Final results of K-6 Team 

Congratulations to the 2014 NYWA State K-6 Team Champions ~ STMA!!!

Congratulations to the K-6 Team Outstanding Wrestler ~ Chase Arndt from ACGC!

Congratulations to the K-6 Team Coach of the Year ~ Tim Mlsna from STMA!

Congratulations to the K-6 Paul Wolf Sportsmanship Award Recipient ~ Northfield! 

Final results of 7/8 Team 

Congratulations to the 2014 NYWA State 7/8 Team Champions ~ Kasson-Mantorville!

Congratulations to the 7/8 Team Outstanding Wrestler ~ Aiden Wilson from Austin!

Congratulations to the 7/8 Team Co-Coaches of the Year ~ Taylor Lewandowski & Keith Thell from Foley!

Congratuations to the 7/8 Paul Wolf Sportsmanship Award Recipient ~ Brainerd!!!

Final results for 2014 Invite Tournament:



NEW MN STATE LAW: NYWA is responsible for implementation of new legislation regarding concussions in youth sports. In compliance with State legislation, NYWA has made the information available on our website to complete the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports course, as well as information regarding the sport of wrestling and the inherent risk of concussions. The course is a free, online training course that can be completed in 30-45 minutes. NYWA highly recommends that every wrestler and parent complete this training. At any NYWA event, the athletic trainer/medical staff will have final authority regarding athlete’s ability to resume activity. The course can be accessed at: www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUP/youth.html.  The Minnesota Legislature passed legislation (MN Statute 121A.37 and 121A.38) in 2011 regarding youth athletes, concussions and return to play.  Review the entire law.


NYWA Mission Statement

To support, promote and raise the level of competition in youth folk style wrestling by providing a series of well-organized tournaments where endurance and skill determine who prevails.