Commonly asked questions and answers:

Can out of state wrestlers participate?

NYWA is for MN residents only. The district qualifiers are open tournaments so an out-of-state wrestler can wrestle at this event but is not eligible to advance to regions. The wrestler must have a valid NYWA membership either way.

Does my child have to qualify for these tournaments?

Yes. These are not open tournaments.

What is the process of NYWA tournaments?

A wrestler must first attend one of the district qualifiers. The wrestler must place in the top two if the weight class to advance to regions.   To qualify for the NYWA state tournament, a wrestler must place in the top three of the weight class (the wild card region will advance the top four wrestlers).  Wrestlers placing 4th-6th place can qualify for the Invite tournament.

Can I qualify at a district in one region and attend a different regional qualifier?

No. You must advance your wrestler to the proper regional tournament. For example, if your wrestler qualifies at a district under region 1, then they MUST attend the region 1 tournament.

Is there pre-registration?

YES!!! The district qualifiers are walk-in tournaments and do not require pre-registration. Region, State and the Invite tournaments all require pre-registration. Each tournament has a different deadline so refer to the registration form for that information.

Can 6th graders participate on the 7th & 8th grade team?

Yes, 6th graders are allowed to participate.

What is the Invite tournament?

Please click here to read more about the Invite tournament.

Do I have to choose a weight class at districts?

No. It is at the region tournament that you must choose your wrestler’s weight class and that weight cannot be changed from regions to state.


The Invite tournament also requires a coach pass/floor pass to be mat side and is priced daily but it covers your admission. The INVITE pass gets you on the floor for the INVITE tournament ONLY, it does not allow you on the state tournament floor.

No strollers are allowed on the tournament floor

SMALL CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT WRESTLING are not allowed on the tournament floor.  The tournament floor is for coaches and wrestlers ONLY!  ANYONE wanting to be on the tournament floor will need a coach’s pass; this includes any”warm-up” partners.


Admission is paid daily unless you purchase a wristband. The cost for adults is $10/day; students (K-12) is $5/day and senior citizens (65+) is $5/day. The wristband eliminates the wait in line. The cost is $10/day for the wristband so if you intend on purchasing the band on Thursday-Sunday, the cost is $40. If you are not sure how many days you will be attending, you can purchase tickets for each day’s admission.

Weigh-in information

If you are wondering about weigh-in times, please refer to the appropriate itinerary. If your wrestler is part of a team at state, they will not have to weigh in again as an individual unless they are wrestling at a different weight or did not make their individual weight during team weigh-ins.

Who will advance with distracts with less then 200 kids?

Districts with 200 kids or less will advance all wrestlers to the region tournament.

Will you be disqualified if you did not attend district in your region?

Any wrestler who registers for a region qualifier but did not attend a district in that region will be disqualified from the tournament.

Wrestling Periods

K-6 grade will wrestle 3, 1-minute periods and 7-8 grade will wrestle 3, 1-1/2 minute periods.

Media Pass Requests

To receive media access to the NYWA State tournament, the person requesting access must be employed by the newspaper, TV or other media company wanting to cover the event. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the event and proof of employment/credentials must accompany the request.